OMAX JetMachining® Centers

The OMAX Bridge System Series provides an abrasive waterjet solution to most applications providing cutting envelopes from 0.74 meters to almost unimaginable cutting of 10 meters! These systems offer dual cutting heads, second bridge options, and multiple pump system set-ups. Select the OMAX system that fits your needs.

Cutting Area 610mm x 610mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 2626
Cutting Area 737mm x 660mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 2652
Cutting Area 1321mm x 660mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 5555
Cutting Area 1397mm x 1397mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 55100
Cutting Area 2540mm x 1397mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 60120 Series
Cutting Area 3200mm x 1575mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 80X Series
Cutting Area 4191mm x 2032mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMAX 120X Series
Cutting Area 6096mm x 3048mm
Spec Sheet (PDF)
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